AIS-x00 (Bright Light Inspection Machine)


  • Power:
  • 220/110VAC    50/60Hz    Single Phase
  • 3 Amp @ 110VAC
  • CDA/N2
  • 60 to 80 psi
  • Vacuum:
  • 20 to 25″ Hg
  • Wafer Size:
  • 4″ (100mm)  thru  8″ (200mm)
  • Exhaust:
  • 1.25″ Diameter port; 5 CFM max (non-process)
  • Weight:
  • ≈ 75-90 lbs.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):
  • 12.5″ x 24″ x 24″


  • O.C.R. system for automatic optical character reading
  • Bar code reading
  • RS232 communications link with host computer
  • Custom software packages and SECS II com
  • Light filters available for different light applications

Features & BenefitsThe Automatic Wafer Inspector (AIS) machine presents wafers for light box inspection with the option for rejected wafers to be placed in lower 25-slot cassette.

  • User friendly, menu driven programming for operator and maintenance mode provides complete flexibility.
  • Unloading may be accomplished through keypad commands and may be pre-programmed for customized sequences.
  • Joystick for Tilt/Rotate.
  • Wafers are memory mapped and monitored while in the cassettes and are vacuum sensed and monitored during robotic transfers to inhibit accidental damage.
  • Specific flat orientation is achieved by one of four programmed positions.
  • The machine has a small footprint and is exhaust ported for clean room operation.
  • Elevator platform indexes for easy loading and unloading of wafers.
  • Wafer tilted 65 degrees under “Light Cube” for 1x visual inspection.
  • Light box enclosed on three sides for optimal inspection.
  • Machine construction is from Mactronix standard anticorrosion package (all aluminum parts are black hard anodized).