Manual Slide Transfer Tools (STN-x00 & STM-x00)


  • Wafer Size:4″, 5″, 6″ & 8″
  • Weight: 5 Lbs. Approx.
  • Dimensions: 27″ (W) x 12.25″ (D) x 7.75″ (H)

Features & Benefits

  • The Smart Transfer Machine “STN”, manually transfers wafers between two cassettes.
  • Flat alignment is preserved during transfer.
  • Wafers are transferred from one cassette to another without scratching, breaking, or dumping.
  • Batch transfer, all sending cassette wafers are transferred at the same time to the receiving cassette, hence
    rapid transfer.
  • Wafers are never touched for the transfer, preserving wafer integrity.
  • New ergonomic handles have been added to provide maximum grip on either side and the ability to grip the tool with both hands.
  • Additional tubing on the wafer pusher provides a soft contact
  • Static Dissipative version available (Model name STE-x00)